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GreenBurn DF

Down Fired Burners

GreenBurn® DF

Many licensors in the petrochemical industry use arch burners that fire downwards into a rectangular firebox.

Greens Combustion have developed a range of burners to meet this market. The GreenBurn® DF is based upon the widely established and accepted staged air design principle for low NOx production. This technique ensures good control of the flame shape and avoids tube impingement.

The GreenBurn® DF can have a double gas nozzle to accommodate low calorific value waste fuels, and this has been designed specifically to avoid overheating and metal dusting problems. The GreenBurn® DF has no adjustable parts to assist with ease of installation on site.

To ensure correct flame stability in a staged air down fired burner the air inlet is critical. With this in mind, the GreenBurn® DF has been designed with an improved aerodynamic air inlet to ensure correct air distribution inside the burner.

GreenBurn® DF

GreenBurn® DF

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