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Refineries and Petrochemical plants have a variety of fired heater types. From our years of experience in the Industry, Greens Combustion has developed the GreenBurn® range of burners to cover the majority of these applications.

The GreenBurn® ND & FD use the principle of staged air to achieve low NOx emissions whilst in turn providing stability for a wide range of fuel gases due to its central fuel gun with large holes. The GreenBurn® Ultra combines all current NOx reduction methods; staged air, staged fuel and flue gas recirculation and has an asymmetric poker design with a small footprint meaning it is ideal for retrofit in old furnaces with tight dimensions.

GreenBurn FD

GreenBurn® FD

GreenBurn RWND

GreenBurn® RWND

GreenBurn DF

GreenBurn® DF

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