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Radiant Wall Burners

GreenBurn® RWFD

Haldor Topsoe are one of the world's leading licensors for steam reformers and they utilise rows of small radiant wall burners to populate the furnace wall. Such a design produces a uniform radiant heat from the furnace wall.

The GreenBurn® RWFD is a forced draft nozzle mix burner and is suitable for firing fuels from 100% hydrogen to 100% propane as well as low calorific value off gas mixtures.

Stability over the burner operating range is maintained by a series of radial gas nozzles at different diameters. These different diameter nozzles promote a degree of staged combustion. Also, the high velocity jets discharging from the burner head induce recirculation of the combustion products from the furnace. These two techniques ensure minimal NOx formation, which enables the GreenBurn® RWFD to achieve the demands of today's Low NOx burners.

GreenBurn® RWND

Natural draft wall burners can be found in applications such as steam crackers, reformers and EDC crackers.

More often than not such a burner is a premix design and incorporates a venturi to inspirate the air using the velocity of the fuel gas leaving the gas jet. This air/fuel mixture then leaves the burner nozzle through a series of orifices.

The GreenBurn® RWND uses this technique and depending upon the fuel being fired the nozzle design is selected. The materials of construction are also key to the burner design and Greens select the materials to ensure a long nozzle life expectancy combined with a lightweight construction for ease of maintenance.

GreenBurn® RWFD

GreenBurn® RWFD

GreenBurn® RWND

GreenBurn® RWND

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